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Our Philosophy:


We think like the owners of the companies we represent.  We ask ourselves, "If I owned this line, would I be thrilled with YYN?"  We want to fulfill the dreams of our principals and tell their story.

Grocery Store Worker


Our approach is continuous imporovement, for ourselves and our principals.  We turn every store into a Yin Yang Naturals Showroom.

At the Grocery Shop


We are a Certified B Corporation, meaning we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

WHAT PEOPLE Are saying:

Capri Miller

National Supplier Manager UNFI

Refrigerated Goods

Capri Miller

National Supplier Manager UNFI

Yin Yang Naturals has always been top notch in attentiveness to suppliers and understanding how to navigate in UNFI.

Herbal Medicine

Noah Smith

PCC Community Markets

Yin Yang Naturals

is the emerging brands broker

Grocery Shopping

Ed SEamann

Uncle Matt's Organic

Patience Fruit & CO

Yin Yang's success is due to paying attention to all  retailers....Yin Yang puts their heart, mind, intellect and soul in the smallest acts. It is truly your secret of success!

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