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Felipe DeMarco - edited


Partner + Director of Merchandising

Felipe is originally from El Paso, Texas and lived in Arizona prior to moving to Los Angeles. He came to us from Honest Tea, where he was a star Merchandiser for the Southern California natural channel. Armed with his quick smile and easy going manner, he has developed solid relationships with store buyers from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Before Honest Tea, Felipe learned from the world’s best customer-centered company, Nordstrom, where he worked as a manager in various capacities.

Personally, Felipe’s discovered a passion for ballroom dancing at Scottsdale Community College. Dancing gave him the opportunity to travel the world like Costa Rica, Argentina and Paris, where he celebrated the new Millennium in the Palace of Versailles. When Felipe first move to Los Angeles, he worked at the famed Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Beverly Hills where he literally “danced with the stars” before it became a mainstream TV concept. He had the pleasure to teach a few celebrities such as Emily Mortimer, Alessandro Nivola, and Lauren Ambrose.  Felipe would be more than happy to give a few ballroom dancing lessons, gratis, to any of our principals!

Mike Twigg.JPG


Mike was born and raised in Manchester, England and relocated to the States in 1990. He had the pleasure of playing drums on board the Disney Magic Cruise Line and also played at Epcot for 3 years with the British Invasion. He has gained over 15 years of Territory management experience, representing many of the premier brands in the music industry.  After his time in the music industry, Mike became a valuable team member with Dippin Dots as the Regional Manager, covering GA, TN, SC and NC. He built very strong relationships during this time and gained respect within the industry.  Mike then started his own venture, opening a coffee shop to serve the local community and to offer locally roasted coffee and homemade pasties. He is always looking to help support other local businesses and is excited to bring this high level of account management and relationship building to the Yin Yang Naturals team!


In his spare time, Mike still enjoys playing the drums. He and his wife also love to travel and explore new places. They find locally owned businesses to experience fresh and creative offerings.

Nanette Nuvolone.jpeg


Territory Representative

Born and raised in New Jersey, Nanette’s love for all things natural began in high school when she decided to start making her own deodorant and toothpaste (she hasn’t had a cavity yet)!

From then on, she felt an ardent desire to question not only the ingredients in her personal care products, but to also develop discernment about the foods she was eating. So much so that when she attended flight attendant training in the early 2000’s, she individually vacuum-sealed and traveled with 50lbs of chicken & salmon so she knew exactly what she was eating during training. 


Eventually, she was recruited by the company formerly known as Hampton Creek to bring brand awareness to a new vegan mayo that had just hit the market. Between traveling to promotional events educating the public and developing relationships within Whole Foods to position this new product in a highly competitive marketplace, it became clearer that she could only ever represent products & organizations that she completely stood behind and is excited to align with Yin Yang Naturals.


Nanette has an innate desire to evolve and has completed multiple life coaching certifications. She can be found either attending a crystal bowl meditation, an 80’s hair band concert, or a workshop on animal communication.

Sam McGill.JPG


Regional Manager: Mid-Atlantic + South

Sam was born and raised just outside of Seattle, WA. Growing up, she didn’t have much exposure to healthy eating and natural foods. She started working with Whole Foods in 2011 and she remembers her first day, walking through the aisles, unable to recognize a single brand. Today, she feels lost in conventional grocery stores. She spent 5 years with WFM and most of that time was spent in Grocery where she fell in love with merchandising, buying, and working directly with vendors. She also spent time in a grocery co-op before coming to Yin Yang Naturals. Natural foods changed her life and she is grateful for the community and conversations around health that are now present in her life.

She recently made a big leap and moved across the country to experience the other coast and a change of pace. On a weeknight, you can find her walking along the harbor in Fell’s Point with her fur child or eating unreasonable amounts of oysters. 

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