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When Retail buyers meet with us, there is a certain expectation.

  • They expect us to know who their customers are.

  • They expect us to fully understand the programs that are available to vendors.

  • They expect us to inform them of any significant changes vendors are planning to make (product, pricing, packaging, inventory, innovation etc.).

  • And, they expect us to bring them the most innovative and exciting products to review. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our retailers over the last 15 years and we guide our brands on creating a successful partnership with each one.



For brands that are partnered with us nationally, we provide expertise on UNFI and KeHE distribution. Whether it is recommending a promotion strategy for a new vendor, or adding a new category of SKUs from existing vendors, we work closely with the brand to help navigate the distributor landscape, which can be overwhelming. 



A critical component of a brand's success at a retailer is store-level execution. What is the point of getting a buyer's approval if the product sits in the back stocking area? If the pricing is incorrect on shelf?  If it's placed in the wrong set?  If there are no price tags for a re-order?  If there are supposed to be five SKUs on shelf but only three showed up?  If the distributor mis-shipped a SKU to a store and the store isn't aware it needs to be replaced?  If the wrong SKUs are on promotion? All of these are real-life examples and are more common than many brands recognize. By having a strong team out in the field, YYN ensures store-level execution.

In addition to ensuring proper launches and promotions, YYN also reports on competitive activity and insight. How is your primary competitor promoting? What new items have they launched? Did they change their packaging? Did they implement a price increase? The answers to these important questions help guide YYN brands to be strategic in their response.

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